LIVING REVIEWS: Ole Miss 31, Tennessee 26; Fourth quarter | Tennessee Volunteers football


Tennessee continues its 2021 season of the season against Ole Miss ranked 13th in Neyland Stadium, while GoVols247 live at Neyland Stadium to provide updates of all activities before, during and after the game.

The Vols (4-2, 2-1 SEC) and the Rebels (4-1, 1-1) are scheduled to start at about 7.30pm. Mpumalanga in a match to be broadcast by the SEC Network.

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9:50 – Ole Miss touchdown: Tennessee gave Ole Miss two gifts – a muffed puff in an 11-yard line, and then a defensive touchdown cleared the third stop – and the Rebels made the visitors pay for it. Snoop Conner walked into one yard to put Ole Miss on the board. Caden Costa changed PAT. OLE MISS 7, TENNESSEE 0

4:35 – Tennessee safety: Ole Miss started the drive in her 7-yard line, marked by a false start to put the ball in the 3rd row, and Matt Corral marked to put himself in the zone, putting Vols on the board. Sophomore defensive lineman Omari Thomas has been loaned out for the sack. OLE MISS 7, TENNESSEE 2

3:51 – Touching-down in Tennessee: A good safety return from wide-sophomore receiver Jimmy Holiday gave the Vols the ball on the Ole Miss 49-yard line to start the drive, with three games later the Vols in last place and their first lead at night. Two fine runs from Jabari Small put Tennessee in the red, while Hendon Hooker fired a 16-yard shot at Cedric Tillman to score. Chase McGrath changed PAT. TENNESSEE 9, OLE MISS 7

0:44 – Ole Miss Stadium goal: Coral is relieved due to a large explosion to extend this drive, and Costa is connected from 30 yards to bring Ole Miss forward. OLE MISS 10, TENNESSEE 9.

SECOND Quarter

11:27 – Ole Miss touchdown: Tennessee’s defense lost a few more chances to get off the field, and Coral made the Vols pay for that with a 33-yard wide pass to touch wide open space Dannis Jackson, who used a double move back to high school. Costa changed PAT. OLE MISS 17, TENNESSEE 9

5:30 – Ole Miss touchdown: Coral and Rebels had a few potential conflicts, but Tennessee didn’t work out, and Ole Miss found a way back to the finish line with a 1-yard run at Snoop Conner. Costa changed PAT. OLE MISS 24, TENNESSEE 9

0:00 – Tennessee field goal: Tennessee took the ball in his 16 tackle with a time of 0:53 in the period and found a way to save something in the sad second half. Hooker connected three passes – two for Velus Jones Jr. – earning Vols in the field of goal scoring. After Lane Kiffin used all three timeouts to try to finish off McGrath, the tops connected from 39 yards as time ran out. It wasn’t the best ball McGrath had ever played, but it did get the job done. OLE MISS 24, TENNESSEE 12


12:38 – Tens of Tennessee: Vols got the opening kick in the second half and spent less time getting into the final to make it one game. Moments after Hooker connected with Jones through a 29-yard corridor to the Ole Miss 1-yard line in the third and 12th game, Small came in from one yard to hold the eighth game, 77-yard drive. McGrath changed PAT and Neyland roared and recovered. OLE MISS 24, TENNESSEE 19

2:04 – Ole Miss’s touchdown: The teams exchanged unbeaten goals before Coral’s legs took Ole Miss to the red spot and his arm put the Rebels in the end. His 16-yard strike in the opener Dontario Drummond was a goal-scoring game. Costa changed PAT. OLE MISS 31, TENNESSEE 19



13:41 – Tennessee touch: A call from the next game put the Vols back in their 12-yard line, but Hooker quickly led his team to 88 yards. He made the last 5 yards himself in the run for the third touchdown and goal. McGrath modified PAT. OLE MISS 31, TENNESSEE 26

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