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CB: Rasul Douglas gets two picks as Green Bay’s advancement. 12-3
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Green Bay Packers’ CB Rasul Douglas’ second attempt to catch the game, just as a fourth with a gatekeeper, with 43 seconds left, impeded Cleveland’s last possibility and safeguarded Green Bay’s 24-22 triumph over Christmas Day at Lambeau Field.
Effectively, the Packers progressed to 12-3 and consistently figured out how to go after the No. 1 seed, finishing the period games with a 12-3 record. The Browns tumbled to 7-8.
The Packers were beat 24-12 later in the second objective of the second time frame from the last quarter, but the Green Bay side faced just one of the accompanying three, while the Browns were solid later in an extreme game to get into two of their central regions.
Cleveland’s last drive was near the pitch when QB Baker Mayfield tossed his fourth INT of the game, and Green Bay RB AJ Dillon triumphed when it was all said and done, his last possibility toward the end of the clock. The Packers had two choices in S Darnell Savage and CB Chandon Sullivan.
The Packers hit every one of the three TDs in the principle a piece of the Mayfield block exertion, as QB Aaron Rodgers threw three TD passes, breaking the group’s immaculate record with his first name, number 443, to WR Allen Lazard.
Davante Adams scored two additional focuses, scoring 10 passes for 114 yards. Lazard had scored two focuses in 45 yards. RB: Aaron Jones had 12 passes for 66 yards and Dillon added nine for 41.
Rodgers finished 24-of-34 for 202 yards with three TDs and a passing pace of 115.1.
At Brown, Mayfield was 21-of-36 for 222 yards with two TDs and four INTs, with a normal of 55.3. RB: Nick Chubb had 17 passes for 126 yards and a score, while RB D’Ernest Johnson added four passes for 58 yards. The Browns gained an aggregate of 219 yards.
Chubb added 58 yards in three innings, WR Rashard Higgins had five yards out of 58 yards, and WR Jarvis Landry scored four of 55 yards.
Here is a synopsis of practically everything:
211,225-in-game-revives Q1-2560
NFL’s Matt Becker
Aaron Rodgers contacts the world perpetually. The Packers lead the Browns 7-6.
The Packers won the main coin toss and surrendered. Cleveland’s first goal came on another occasion, when Baker Mayfield threw a screen to Nick Chubb, who cut the ball 40 yards.It was at long last transformed into a 54-yard van, later an illicit square punishment in Green Bay.
Chubb scored on a 1-yard score run and the Browns scored 6-0 out of 12 minutes, 21 seconds in the principal quarter. Later, Chris Naggar missed an additional point.
The Packers scored eight yards on the underhanded third-and-9 and chose to place everything in line for the fourth down. Aaron Jones got five yards to one side, running behind the opener beneficiary Allen Lazard.
Green Bay couldn’t get another at first, but the Browns expected to begin their next series from their eighth later with a 45-yard punt from Corey Bojorquez and a punishment of 9 yards for each illicit square thought back.
The Packers immediately got the ball. Later, Baker Mayfield tossed a profound ball into Donovan Peoples-Jones and multiplied it, and Darnell Savage got it in his second endeavour to get it this year at Green Bay 47.
The Browns sent Denzel Ward against Davante Adams in the second and sixth innings of Cleveland 49, and Aaron Rodgers hit his Pro Bowl recipient multiple times on a 33-yard field objective.
By partaking, Adams outperformed Jordy Nelson by breaking the fifth record in group history in yards.
In the third and fifth quarters of Green Bay 11, Allen Lazard got Rodgers’ reality level and arrived at the last to score for the Packers in front of Cleveland, 7-6, with 5:13 still set up. primary quarter. It was the 443rd ball Rodgers tossed in the ordinary season, outperforming Brett Favre without precedent for the club’s set of experiences.
The Browns nearly came out multiple times, but instead selected to eliminate all stops in the fourth spot and one in the 34th. Mayfield beat Peoples-Jones on an 8-yard field. The look was up some other time, putting something aside for the Green Bay test.
Cleveland meandered around the Green Bay region later on a 27-yard drive by Chubb. Rashan Gary and Kenny Clark are racing to the line at the present time, with Gary shooting Mayfield because of an absence of nine.
In the third and nineteenth, Mayfield missed Jarvis Landry’s topsy turvy and Chandon Sullivan returned the drop to Green Bay 22. That is the point at which the Packers began to have two INTs in the main quarter on 10/22/17 against New Orleans. The Packers posted an assortment of centre places in eight sequential rounds of the human season at Lambeau Field, the longest home series since a nine-game winning streak in 1992-93.
Rodgers beat Lazard in the 34-yard field goal to cap off the big quarter.
211225-in-game-revives Q2-2560
NFL’s Matt Becker
Rodgers and Adams gained an additional set of experience, with the Packers driving the Browns 21-12 at half-time.
The Packers kept the energy going in the second quarter, with Lazard running 13 yards to the Cleveland 20 in the last. AJ Dillon made it a subsequent objective to get 11 yards in sequential passes.
In the third and third objectives of the Brown ‘9, Rodgers beat Adams’ ability. It not only gave Green Bay a 14-6 lead, but it also separated Rodgers and Adams from Rodgers and Jordy Nelson in the many focuses (66) between the Packers QB and WR.
Cleveland reacted with six scores, 70 yards completed in the first spot for Harrison Bryant with 7:03 left in the first half. In any case, the Browns truly followed, 14-12, in time for a two-point miss.
The Packers came out multiple times. Cleveland began its next series at 29, followed by a 44-yard Bojorquez punt. The drive began with an extra shot and a Tipa Galeai sack. However, Mayfield hit Rashard Higgins 16 yards out in the third spot and fifteenth. In the principle game later, with a two-minute punishment, Rasul Douglas hit his fourth-year record and put it in a difficult spot for 49 for the Browns.
It’s the first time since around 2011 that the Packers have scored three shots in the main portion of the game. Rodgers
scored 9 yards for Adams, which means his 100th anniversary this year. It is the third time in his career he has gotten something almost identical to 100 acquisitions for each season, the most throughout the entire existence of the group.
Green Bay’s Adams scored five passes for 42 yards in a hurry, recollecting a 1-yard TD on what was a free kick to expand Green Bay’s 21-12 lead at half-time.
211225-in-game-revives Q3-2560
Matt Ludtke, Associated Press
The Packers drove the Browns 24-15 late in the third.
Aaron Jones broke the 27-yard run in the subsequent significant game from the last quarter to take Green Bay out of its 10-yard line. Adams got a 17-yard score against Rodgers for the second and fourth time, which put him north of 100 yards in the evening (nine for 105 yards and two TDs).
It denotes the 30th time Adams has not scored under 100 yards in a game, the second time in the group’s set of experiences, Hall of Famer James Lofton’s 32.
The Packers drove down to the Cleveland 14 thanks to Aaron Jones (16 full yards for contact) and AJ Dillon (two nine yards) before Mason Crosby scored a 32-yard field goal to put Green Bay ahead, 24-12, with 9:12 remaining in the third quarter.
The Browns pursued Chubb in a 14-play, 66-yard drive, during which Chubb scored 40 yards on five passes. Gary terminated Mayfield in third and fifth spots to constrain the Browns to concur with Naggar’s 37-yard field objective to cut Green Bay’s lead to 24-15 with a 1:07 second run in the last quarter.
The Packers came out multiple times in their next series, but Adams’ 9-yard score gave him 10 PM. It is the eighth time his vocation has scored almost 10 focuses, 100 yards, and various focuses. That is a tonne in NFL history.
211225-in-game-invigorates Q4-2560
Todd Rosenberg, NFL.
Rasul Douglas gets another INT for guarding the game, with the Packers winning 24-22.
The Browns arrived at Green Bay with 28 days to go before the principal relinquished punishment and Preston Smith was sacked for two weaknesses, making it third and fourteenth. In that match, Dean Lowry terminated Mayfield sadly for eight yards. It was his fourth pack of the year.
Cleveland attempted to get into the fourth spot with 22 of his 43, but it began with a phony. The Browns then, at that point, in the mean time, dropped the leftover 8:57 p.m.
Ben Braden supplanted Yosh Nijman on the left in the following innings, which finished multiple times. The Browns started to lead the pack 24 hours after the fact with a Bojorquez punt of 49 yards with 6:41 left.
Cleveland sought after the field where Nick Chubb scored 31 of three scores to begin the series, and D’Ernest Johnson’s 30-yard run made it his first and first objective in five GB.
In the following game, Mayfield tossed focus at Anthony Schwartz to divide the Packers 24-22 with 4:31 leftover.
Nijman gets back to the following series on the left tackle. Dillon scored seven points without passing at the end of the season and exchanged over to start a 6-yard drive up the middle.The Packers should take it back to Cleveland with 2:24 excess.
Brown was loose, but Douglas outscored Mayfield with 43 seconds left. It was Mayfield’s first game with four INTs, and it was likewise Douglas’ group that beat the fifth INT of the period. Rodgers pulled off the third protection and slithering offsides to make the completion of the game go down ahead of schedule.

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