How to increase the security of your home

Despite the fact that burglary rates have progressively decreased over the past ten years, becoming a victim may be distressing, upsetting, and often expensive to resolve.

The good news is that there are a variety of ways to make your home safer, so take a look at each potential access point, including your doors and windows, to see if they can be strengthened.

How secure is your house?

In addition to opportunistic burglaries, some burglars investigate a property in advance, occasionally collaborating with other crooks.

Therefore, it’s crucial to consider precautions to make sure your home always appears to be occupied and that there are no obvious hiding places where a possible thief could go to inspect the property.

Don’t make it clear that you are on vacation, either. Consider setting timers for your lights or asking a friend or neighbor to check on your house from time to time. Avoid discussing your departure on any social media platform with a public audience, as you never know who may be seeing your profile. How to improve your home security – read further in the article

Set up a noticeable burglar alarm.

In order to alert potential burglars that you have a burglar alarm system, make sure the external sounder or “bell box” is prominently displayed on your home.

Doors Safety

Use the strongest screws you can, not necessarily the ones provided, and make sure they are all in compliance with British Standard BS7950 when installing a lock on a window or door.

Installing locks after UPVC and PVCU doors or windows have already been installed could weaken or void their warranties. It is safer to have adequate locks installed at the time of building.

Security lamps

Outdoor lights are a good way to make sure a burglar is more apparent, which can help deter them, whether they are manually switched on or activated by movement. Typically, the price of a single bulb ranges from £8 to $100. However, if your home is next to a road, be sure to point these downward to avoid annoying your neighbors and to make sure they won’t light into other drivers’ eyes.

The main goal of indoor lighting is to provide the impression that someone is home, even when nobody is. Costing as little as £5, timers can be used to switch on and off lights throughout the house, as well as TVs and/or radios. Just be sure that they are coordinated across your house, for example, by turning off the light five minutes after the television.

Wireless home security cameras and CCTV

An additional security precaution to deter robbers may be CCTV or wireless security cameras (either inside or outdoors).

A smart doorbell is another item to think about because it can serve as a digital guard for your front door, keeping an eye out for suspicious characters while also informing you when real guests arrive. View fully tested models in our reviews of smart doorbells.

Carbon dioxide and smoke detectors

Consider adding a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide monitor in addition to the security measures mentioned above to safeguard yourself from further risks. These can be purchased separately or in a set with some burglar alarms.

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