Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant instructions

We’ve compiled the best Alexa commands, the best Google Assistant instructions, and the best Siri commands for you to try out if you recently bought a new smart speaker, smart display, or other gadget and want to explore what it can do.

You may manage your work calendar, get the most recent news headlines, and send messages to contacts on your phone using a device that has a speech assistant powered by Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. Each platform has thousands of different built-in commands that are supported, and you may add even more (for example, through the Alexa store). These are frequently referred to as “skills.”

Keep reading to find out the most useful and popular smart hub commands below, along with some hidden tricks you can do to have some fun.

The very best Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and Bixby voice commands

Reminders, alarms, and alerts
“Hey, Google, remember me tomorrow at 10am.”

A voice assistant can come to your rescue if you tend to forget things. Alexa will respond to your request to remind you to remove the dish from the oven in 30 minutes. Depending on your assistant, you may not even have to be physically close to your device to utilize it for alerts; simply open the Alexa app on your smartphone and choose your smart hub as the recipient of that alert. The Google Assistant operates similarly. The reminder will be placed on your phone via Siri and Bixby.


Routines makes it easy to repeat the same set of voice commands every day if you find yourself doing so. All of your standard commands will be activated simultaneously with only one command.

Open the Alexa or Google Assistant app, and select Settings > Routines to create a Routine. Shortcuts are what Siri refers to as routines; to get started, download the Shortcuts app (compatible with iOS 12 and later).

You must select a trigger phrase for this routine when creating a new Routine; for instance, you might select “Alexa, good morning.” Then specify the actions you want the trigger phrase to take and the sequence you want them to take them. For instance, “Alexa, good morning” may begin with the weather forecast, follow with the most recent news, reveal what’s on your calendar for the day, and then start a music playlist to get your morning off to a fantastic start.

Routines might become much more potent if you have smart home appliances. To turn off all of your smart lights at once without having to flip each switch, for instance, just say, “Hey Google, goodnight.” You could even use your smart thermostat to control the temperature.

Do the commands vary depending on the assistant?

A few do. When using the various assistants, we’ve seen that some commands call for more precise wording than others. You’ll discover that not all the aforementioned commands will function flawlessly with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and Bixby. But if you don’t receive the proper response when you ask, it’s great to experiment and try again with slightly different wording. Although they are far from ideal, voice assistants are always getting better.

It’s worthwhile to occasionally try out some new instructions and check to see what fresh requests have been included because voice assistants are always being updated. Even more commands—often referred to as “skills”—for Alexa can be added via the Alexa shop, including those for particular businesses like Just Eat.

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