Security Camera Installation – Kalihi Hawaii

Project: 8 Camera Installation

Here’s an 8 Camera Installation that was completed recently in the Kalihi area. Our customer contacted us to monitor his business after hours.

On this installation, we have installed HIK Vision USA 16 Channel NVR with the room for expansion in case they want to add more cameras in the future. On the cameras, we have installed 8 POE cameras with 4 megapixel.

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Commercial Property Security Camera Installation – Waikiki Hawaii

Here’s another project in the Waikiki area. Property owner wanted to replace an old Lorex camera systems into the new power over Ethernet Camera Systems.

Smart Tech proposed an affordable power over Ethernet systems that will be enough to see a good footage from mobile devices and computer.

To be able to see the camera systems into high quality and no lag, we recommended the client to upgrade their upload speed on their internet.

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Food Truck Security Camera Installation

Here’s another unique situation. Owners wanted to monitor incoming traffic through the dining area using one of our Power Over Ethernet Camera.

We installed 5 camera in this premises to monitor business and potential burglary or graffiti.

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Point Of Entry – CCTV Camera Installation

Here’s another recent camera installation from Smart Tech Hawaii. It’s important to have a good security camera on your point of entry to monitor people who goes in and out.

The most important of all is having a security camera with a resolution to recognize people’s face. What’s the sense of having to spend money on security system if you can’t recognize the person.

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High Foot Traffic Areas – Commercial Property

Here’s an interesting installation we have completed recently. With rising numbers of homeless and robbery on these Aala Area. Owner of the property called Smart Tech to do the honor of installing the cameras on his premises.

As always, you can see the quality again of our Cameras. One day these cameras will be used for any potential illegal activity monitored on this place.

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