Commercial Property Security Camera Installation

Project: Hawaii Commercial Property Security

Here’s a recent project completed recently at one of the commercial property in Mililani. Unfortunately with higher rate of burglary in state of Hawaii, the needs for security camera becomes higher.

Security camera can be use as a deterrent. With thieves being aware that there are surveillance camera, the chances of them being caught is greater. For free consultation, call us @ 808-270-5034 to book an appointment.

Commercial Security Camera Installation – Mililani, Hawaii

Project: Installation of 24 (4K) Security Camera.

This installation is for a commercial properties in Mililani. We proposed of 32 Channel to make room for extra cameras in case the company decided to expand. Like every project, we test all of our equipment before heading out to the field and install.

Being a pro-active helped us detect any issues before installation. It’s a good practice to avoid any delay on any project. Like they said, “you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

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Condominium / Apartment – Honolulu Hawaii

Project: Security Camera

Here’s another 16 camera project we just completed this week. The board of directors were looking for a security companies to help them upgrade their old systems. There were 3 companies who were invited to participate to submit proposals.

Luckily, the board of directors trusted Smart Tech to award this project to us and we have not failed them and live with their expectations. All of the cameras installed were IP cameras that have the resolution of 6Megapixel. As you can see, the results were simply amazing.

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Commercial Properties – Security Camera Installation

Project: Secure Warehouse Perimeter

Here’s another project in Honolulu area. With the recent rise on burglary, the property manager decided its time to monitor their property by having us draw out a security camera plan.

With the size of their property, we have decided to install 8 bullet IP cameras with high definition 4 megapixel to monitor outside perimeter. With intrusion alert, security on the property can conveniently check from smart phone if there’s anyone on the property who don’t belong there.

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