Business Security Camera Installation – Honolulu Hawaii

Project: Surveillance Camera Installation

Scope of Work: Here’s another Adult Day Care CCTV Camera Installation. Our team installed 8 IP 4 megapixel camera on this premises. It’s essential to this business to monitor their facilities for any potential liabilities.

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Business Security Camera Installation – Waikiki Hawaii

Project: Install 7 Security Camera

Scope of Work: This project is located by Ena Rd. Client asked us to install 7 security camera. There are 3 outdoor and 4 indoor. This installation took us 1 day to get it completed.

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Care Home Center – Security Camera Installation

Project: Install 10 Security Camera at Care Home Facility

Smart Tech Hawaii contacted by client to install 10 security camera system at care home facility. We Installed 43′ TV with arm bracket to enable to install NVR neatly in the back of the wall behind it. As a result, it enable to save some space in the office. The NVR System also equip with wireless mouse.

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Warehouse Security Camera Installation – Honolulu, Hawaii

Project: Warehouse Surveillance

Here’s another project in Mapunapuna area. Owner want to monitor their warehouse from their smart phone. On this project, we used a 3 megapixel IP camera equip with power over Ethernet.

Mapunapuna Area is very isolated at night so having the right camera to protect company’s asset is very ideal. This camera is also equip with intrusion alerts and will be able to send an email alert whenever there’s someone in the property after hours.

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Parking Garage, Driveway & Street Security Camera

Project: Security Camera Installation

On this project, you will see a HIK Vision USA Bullet Camera with License Plate Recognition capability. This type of camera are effective to install on parking garage entrance, driveway or street.

Whenever there’s a crime involve, having one of this camera is a complementary to the other camera to identify License Plate. The License Plate Camera prices ranging from $800 – $1000 but it’s worth having it. Most camera will only identify description and not License Plate.

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License Plate Recognition Camera Installation

We have been asked many times by our customer “will we catch License Plate with the camera?”

Answer: There are specific type of camera that will capture License Plate. The security camera we used more are made by HIK Vision USA. They are not cheap by any means and prices ranges from $800 and above.

Under any circumstances, you could use a regular 8 megapixel camera during day time but might struggle catching License Plate at night due from head light.

The best thing to do is just go with a truly ANPR type camera that specialize on capturing License Plate.

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Home Security Installation – Night Vision

On this project, we are showing a glimpse of night vision camera. When a night vision kicks in, the picture turn into black and white.

Every camera has its own limits on how far a night vision can cover. It can ranges from 20m, 30m, 50m. When asking for a quote from a contractor, make sure the camera they are proposing has enough distance to cover the area.

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Restaurant Security Camera Installation – Manoa

Here’s a recent security camera install this week at Manoa Marketplace. This will be the 2nd store we installed camera for this company.

On this installation, we have installed a 4 Systems Camera with Remote Viewing via website. This installation is our normal package with 2 megapixel camera and 4 Channel recorder.

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Restaurant Security Camera Installation – Downtown Honolulu

Project: Security Camera Install

Here’s a project in downtown Honolulu. Client want to monitor her business remotely. Owner’s tend to travel a lot and decided to replace the old Lorex camera to keep up with today’s technology.

We installed a 6 Camera Systems to cover the entire place (kitchen, counter, dining area & office). Now the owner can watch remotely from her phone/computer/tablet whenever she’s away.

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Home Security Camera Installation – Salt Lake

Project: Home Security

Customer had an updated 5 Security camera systems. Smart Tech Hawaii updated client’s customer system to the newly Power Over Ethernet Camera Systems.

As you can see, the Camera is 2.1 vandalproof from HIK Vision USA. We have installed 8 security systems to cover all the blind spots.

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