Business Security Camera Installation – Honolulu Hawaii

Project: Surveillance Camera Installation

Scope of Work: Here’s another Adult Day Care CCTV Camera Installation. Our team installed 8 IP 4 megapixel camera on this premises. It’s essential to this business to monitor their facilities for any potential liabilities.

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Security Camera Installation – Kalihi Hawaii

Project: 8 Camera Installation

Here’s an 8 Camera Installation that was completed recently in the Kalihi area. Our customer contacted us to monitor his business after hours.

On this installation, we have installed HIK Vision USA 16 Channel NVR with the room for expansion in case they want to add more cameras in the future. On the cameras, we have installed 8 POE cameras with 4 megapixel.

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Business Security Camera Installation – Waikiki Hawaii

Project: Install 7 Security Camera

Scope of Work: This project is located by Ena Rd. Client asked us to install 7 security camera. There are 3 outdoor and 4 indoor. This installation took us 1 day to get it completed.

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Restaurant Security Surveillance Camera Installation – Ala Moana

Project: 4 Security Camera System Installation.

Location: Ala Moana Shopping Center

Here’s another installation located at Lanai Food Court in Ala Moana Shopping Center. Because this is a running food establishment, we had to schedule installation after hours. After 5 Hours of running wires and installing cameras, we finally got this project completed.

After the installation, customer was so satisfied and ask us to install another camera systems in their Newly Waikiki location at Ena Rd. Updated of the installation will be preview later this week.

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Commercial Property Security Camera Installation

Project: Hawaii Commercial Property Security

Here’s a recent project completed recently at one of the commercial property in Mililani. Unfortunately with higher rate of burglary in state of Hawaii, the needs for security camera becomes higher.

Security camera can be use as a deterrent. With thieves being aware that there are surveillance camera, the chances of them being caught is greater. For free consultation, call us @ 808-270-5034 to book an appointment.

Home Security Installation – Royal Summit, Hawaii

Project: Customer wanted to upgrade their old security system to the NVR type systems. We replaced their old 4 DVR system into a 4 megapixel IP camera with 4 Channel NVR.

The new NVR systems pricing is not too far away from the DVR system. The NVR systems will give you added features vs the old DVR systems.

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