Security Services

Appartment & Condominium Complex

Smart Tech Hawaii can design a surveillance camera system can help secure living environment for all residents.

Residential & Home Security

Coming home to a house that you know is secure is the best way to end a long day and we know this.

Bank Security

Smart Tech Hawaii can design a well CCTV camera systems to protect customers and employees.


Commercial Properties

We have the background and knowledge to design custom surveillance solutions for commercial businesses, ranging from small offices to commercial parks.

Hotel Security Systems

Security Camera is the perfect security solution for hotels, resort and hotels.

Parking Security Structure

With the constant flow of vehicles entering & exiting parking lots, keeping tabs on each vehicle is important to nurturing a safe environment for everyone.

Retail & Convenience Store

As specialists of retail surveillance, we provide custom surveillance systems to protect your store against theft while helping to maximize store profits.

WareHouse & Industrial Park

Reduce theft and vandalism while improving warehouse security with an IP video surveillance system.

Safety first

The installation of video surveillance for residences, workplaces, parking lots, warehouses, and other types of buildings enables one to centrally watch the activities occurring both inside the protected structure and on its grounds. This makes it easy to quickly identify intruders approaching or attempting to enter the area.

The quality, usefulness, and proper installation and configuration of the equipment are all important factors in how well video surveillance works. One of our primary services is the installation of surveillance cameras. We will assist you with creating a video surveillance system, choosing the appropriate tools, installing them, and responding to any queries you may have.

We are experts in the field of video surveillance systems at our company. Furthermore, we concentrate on the features and qualities of the equipment and carry out video surveillance installation. If required, one of our staff members will instruct the owner or other accountable party on how to operate the security camera system.

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What do you need to install CCTV cameras?

In order for CCTV cameras to work as efficiently as possible, you must first select the appropriate equipment and draw up a plan for placing devices according to the technical documentation. This is a responsible process, as well as the installation itself, so you should turn to professionals. Installation companies know the relevant installation height and the best places for this.

How much does video camera installation cost?

There is no fixed price for installing surveillance cameras. The following factors affect the cost of CCTV installation:

  • specific technical conditions for installation at a particular facility;
  • the region in which the object is located;
  • number of installed cameras;
  • the time of the year during which the
  • installation is carried out;
  • the need for dismantling and subsequent installation of various interior elements;
  • model and brand of equipment.

Does the installation company service the video surveillance system after installation?

A good installation company will manage all the following services after the installation. And this is an important part as they are completely familiar with the installation plan, the facility itself, and with equipment. This can make the service quicker and much more effective.

Can I just ask about the cameras?

No, not only. We are security specialists and can manage the installment of any other alarms-related equipment. So, whatever is needed concerning property security — we’re here to help with consulting, installation and further services.

Why do you need video cameras at the facility?

The facility can be kept in order by using the video surveillance system to quickly spot suspicious people approaching and get ready, recognize an emergency before it gets worse, and stop it from happening.

Or in case something happens, video surveillance helps with the detection of how it happened in detail if installed properly.

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